IEA AFC Annex 35 - 2 - IEA Advanced Fuel Cells Annex 35: Fuel Cells for Portable Applications

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The primary objective of the Technology Collaboration Program Advanced Fuel Cells is the intensified technology development of key components and systems of fuel cells and, subsequently, the support of market implementation through the analysis and development of the necessary political framework and instruments or the removal of existing market entry barriers. Analyses, reports and media information are prepared at national and international level and made available to the IEA, national and international decision-makers, implementation-oriented companies and institutions, the general public and the media. The planned undertakings include: • The execution and monitoring of R&D activities (including the analysis of costs for cells, cell stacks and systems) • System and market analyses (including technological, economic and ecological aspects), • Characterization and analysis of market and implementation barriers, • Increased dissemination and publication activities (including annual reports, workshops, specific reports on current issues, etc.). The program is structured in three technological type oriented annexes, four application oriented annexes, one annex for system analysis and one annex for modelling fuel cell systems. Currently, 15 countries are participating in the Technology Collaboration Program on Advanced Fuel Cells: Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea and the USA. Periodic meetings are held to provide information on the results of the research activities and to determine further research work, which is then defined in advance and task-shared in this Technology Collaboration Program. The objectives of this participation are defined as follows: • Integration of top Austrian research into international R&D work priorities, • International division of labour in high-risk research and capital-intensive demonstration projects, • Transfer of international know-how to (and in) Austria, • Promotion and mobilisation of Austrian applied and basic R&D (through the obtained IEA know-how), • Strengthening the competitiveness and internationalisation of the Austrian economy in general.
Effective start/end date1/11/2031/05/24


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