IDERBLOG - Iderblog [Original in Deutsch: Individualisiertes Differenziertes Rechtschreibtraining durch Korrektur von für Schüler relevanten, selbst verfassten Texten]

Project: Research project


The existence of computers, tablets and mobile phones allows a new access of the learners to the wirting process. Learners use both computers and the internet for writing purposes. While writing down what they have experienced they train their orthographic skills through using an intelligent dictionary. Providing that innovative access to writing is the objective of the IDERBLOG project. In the course of this 3-year-project an internet-based platform is created which enables learners to sustainably improve their orthographic skills while drafting their own texts.
IDERBLOG is aimed at the primary section of schools in German speaking countries. By using the platform teychers can improve their students' writing competencies while fostering a contemporary approach to the writing process at the same time. Via the publicatin on the Internet, handling their own data safely and competently becomes part of the students' tuition of German as a school subject. The studnets' increased writing and orthographical competency entails improved performances at school in other subjects as well. Reading and writing are part of the key competencies of a successful school career.
Effective start/end date1/12/1431/08/17