HPS - High Performance Sailing

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High Performance Sailing (HPS) is an international initiative of TU Graz together with other universities, research
groups, the industry and other associations related to sailing. The main objective of HPS is the development and
evaluation of methods, techniques and processes in the area of sailing regatta, where the aim is to provide tools
well suited during races in order to support sailing teams drawing decisions. In addition HPS is intended to
support other activities in the area of high performance sailing.

HPS at TU Graz is organized in a multidisciplinary fashion working across faculties. The steering committee
comprises Christof Sommitsch (Institute of Materials Science and Welding), Siegfried Vössner (Institute of
Engineering and Business Informatics), and Franz Wotawa (Institute for Software Technology). This
multidisciplinary approach combining different core competences ensures a holistic view on the topic and thus
solutions of high quality. In addition, HPS aims at bringing together all students and employees having interest in
sailing in order to bring in their technical expertise for solving challenges related to support tools for sailing.
Sailing in this context stands for both, the technological innovation as well as for a sustainable and clean mean for
transportation and thus nicely fits into the research agenda of TU Graz.
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/18