HEXTest - Innovative measurement system for the evaluation of refrigerant heat exchangers

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Among various approaches to improve the energy efficiency of refrigeration units, the more efficient design of heat transfer in the heat exchangers plays a major role. Up to now, the design of such refrigerant heat exchangers is mainly based on empirical values of the refrigeration unit manufacturers. Although heat exchangers are sometimes evaluated based on ideal inflow conditions, the inflow condition in real application differ considerably, e.g. due to the influence of a fan. Furthermore, a standardized procedure for the evaluation of heat exchangers does not exist in the refrigeration and freezing sector. The parameters required for an economically and ecologically appropriate design of refrigeration units can therefore not be guaranteed by heat exchanger suppliers. The proposed measurement system makes it possible to determine the required characteristic diagrams of refrigerant heat exchangers quickly and cost-effectively under real application conditions.
Effective start/end date1/03/2231/08/23


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