Hardwood_SCREWS - Screwed connections for high potential hardwood building products

Project: Research project

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There is an increasing necessity in Europe to use hardwood in timber engineering. Compared to softwoods like Norway spruce, hardwood species with density above 550 kg/m³ show an enormous mechanical potential, partly multiple times higher. However, to utilize this high potential also at joints new and innovative connection systems are required. Apart from adhesive joints, there is the possibility to find solutions with screw based joints. This project aims on the latter field of connection types. Motivated by current needs and the potential of self-tapping wood screws the research project FFG BRIDGE "hardwood_SCREWS" was initiated. It is divided in four fields:

AP1: Development of self-tapping screws, optimized for applications in hardwood
AP2: Optimization of end-grain joints
AP3: Analyses and development of a high-potential pipe-connector
AP4: Development of flexible site-joint solutions

The consortium involves the Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology at Graz University of Technology (scientific partner & consortium leader), as well as the company partners, the Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld GmbH, Pollmeier Furnierwerkstoffe GmbH and the Landeskammer für Land und Forstwirtschaft Steiermark (Holzwerbefond).
Effective start/end date1/10/1530/09/17