GREENUNI - Greenfield 2022

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The current site structure (other companies at the site and unfavorable arrangement of the operating buildings) prevents a possible structural expansion and also currently already causes high logistical expenses. In addition, irrespective of the planned capacity increase at the current site in Haßfurt, high investments would be required in the near future to renew the infrastructure. Due to these unattractive conditions at the current production site in Haßfurt, the entire production and administration is to be relocated to a new site. The location, the available area and also an approximate hall dimension (126x56m) have already been defined at the beginning of the project. Within the framework of a "greenfield" factory planning, the future production system is to be planned according to requirements. Accordingly, the future production scheme (product segmentation, process division, etc.) is to be worked out on the basis of an extensive data collection & as-is analysis, the necessary resources (areas, employees, technologies) are to be dimensioned and the work areas required for production are to be structured in terms of layout planning in a material flow-optimized manner. In addition to the primarily required production areas, ancillary areas (administration, parking spaces, site logistics, etc.) are also to be transferred to a site structure concept.
Effective start/end date28/02/2231/08/22


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