FWF - SiP-Ketten - SiP-Chains, Rings and Cages

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The aim of the project lies in the synthesis of acyclic, cyclic and cage-shaped molecules with backbones composed of the elements silicon and phosphorus. Valencies outside the backbone are saturated with hydrogen only, the molecules thus contain SiH and PH bonds. With the general composition PnSimHo (n, m, o = 1 - 10) they constitute the parent molecules of organosubstituted silylphosphanes and phosphanylsilanes known for quite a long time. Despite their fundamental importance for basic science, only a small number of molecules are known at present and systematic procedures for their preparation are virtually absent from the literature. A further important aim of the project is the investigation of their molecular properties with spectroscopic methods and quantum chemical calculations.
Effective start/end date1/02/081/02/10


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