FWF - Silylierte Heptaphosphan - Silylated heptaphosphanes and heptaarsanes

Project: Research project

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The project envisages the synthesis of heptaphosphanortricyclenes P7R3 with sterically demanding oligosilyl
substituents R such as -Si(SiMe3)3, -Si(SiMe3)2Si(SiMe3)3 or -SiMe2Si(SiMe3)3, as well as germyl and stannyl
substituents such as Ge(SiMe3)3 and Sn(SiMe3)3. The heptaphosphanes will be prepared from red phosphorus,
sodium/potassium alloy and the halogenated oligosilanes ClR.
Various reactions of the heptaphosphanortricyclenes P7R3 will be investigated, attempting the synthesis of
functionalized cages P7R2X and P7RX2 with X an alkaline metal, a halogen or hydrogen. Reactions of these
functionalized cages will be investigated.
SiSi-bonds of oligosilyl groups can be cleaved at temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius, with comcomitant
formation of silylenes or disilenes. Therefore, silylenes and disilenes will be generated from the cages by reaction
with tertiarybutyl potassium oxide, and insertion reactions into phosphorus phosphorus bonds will be studied.
Effective start/end date1/02/071/02/10