FWF - NOM - P20019-N17 - Novel Organic Materials: Charge-Transfer Based Functionality

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The search for innovative functional materials is one of the main challenges in today's synthetic organic chemistry.
Such nanoscopic materials can find their use in electronics, molecular signal ing and even as organic magnets.
This project comprises an investigation of innovative materials containing efficient donor and acceptor moieties
embedded in a covalently joined molecular framework. These promising compounds, synthesized by the group of
Prof. F. Diederich (ETH Zürich) in a very efficient way, reveal very intense optical absorptions and a vast palette
of advantageous properties.
Owing to our ample experience with the aspects of donor-acceptor chemistry, we merge forces to obtain a deeper
insight into the intrinsic properties of these functional materials. Our expertise in the fields of (para)magnetic
resonance, CIDNP, optical spectroscopy, and theoretical calculations enables us to investigate the electronic
properties of these molecules. Moreover the response to photo-excitation in a time-resolved fashion will be studied
by various appropriate methods. The measurements will be performed in fluid solutions and at the solid state.
It is our aim to establish the electron-transfer-induced properties of bimolecular, monomolecular, and dendritic
donor-acceptor systems. The investigation of model systems and a broad variety of systematically modified
derivatives will provide the intrinsic factors required to develop rationally designed materials.
The aims of this investigation is:
- to establish the scope of these innovative materials
- to distinguish between molecular and bulk properties
- to indicate perspectives for future developments
Effective start/end date1/10/071/10/10