FWF - Geometrische Kompetenzen - Geometric Processing in Architectural Education

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The aim of this research is to define the contents, methods and didactic approaches of the new discipline of architectural geometry, which would be intended for students of architecture studying in technical departments. We will examine the causes which led to the reduction in the amount of study dedicated to geometry, identify the outcomes and define the methods to resolve these issues. Furthermore the current needs of architects will be analyzed regarding the discipline of geometry from the perspective of non-standard architecture, based on the new theoretical concepts of parametricism and the prevalent situation in technology. The results of the analysis shall allow developing our new concepts in the right way. Also, it is necessary to define clearly the new needs of prospective architects in line with the latest advances in technology and architectural practices, and to find new approaches in functional application of geometry fundamentals in architectural design.
Effective start/end date1/06/1031/05/13


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