FibreScan - Zerstörungsfreie Bestimmung der richtungsabhängigen Zugtrageigenschaften von stahlfaserbewehrten Bauteilen aus UHPC

Project: Research project

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The significance of the durability of ultra high performance fibre concrete (UHPFRC) is well known. International efforts focus on an adequate economic exploitation by constructing new infrastructural buildings made of UHPFRC, for example bridges lasting twice as long as conventional ones. That trend is highly restrained because of the lack of appropriate, cost-effective methods for controlling the quality during construction. In order to release that situation, a non-destructive method for ascertaining the tensile carrying capacity, which depends on the direction, is developed in the scope of this project. The principle of magnetic induction is utilised for getting information about the orientation and position of the steel fibres within the hardened UHPC. In the case of success of this project, not only the aims mentioned above will have been met, but also other new products made of UHPFRC will be able to move into the market very quickly.
Effective start/end date1/01/1030/06/12


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