EU - Oxytrain - Harnessing the power of enzymatic oxygen activation

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For the selective and effective incorporation of oxygen into biological molecules (oxygenation reaction), several enzyme
types have evolved in nature. They catalyse crucial reactions in various metabolic routes. The chemistry feasible with these
biocatalysts is unrivalled when compared with conventional chemical methods. Therefore, these oxygenating enzymes are
very promising tools in biotechnological approaches. However, when compared with other enzyme classes, such as
hydrolases, oxygenases are still in their infancy considering their biotechnological potential. To fully exploit the catalytic
power of oxygenases, several hurdles have to be taken for which a higher level of knowledge on these enzymes is needed
while also technical aspects have to be solved.

The European Training Network (ETN) OXYTRAIN is a joint academic/non-academic training initiative supporting the
convergence of biochemistry, enzyme engineering and biotechnology. The consortium's mutual goal is developing a new generation of innovative and entrepreneurial early stage researchers (ESRs) to satisfy the need for knowledge and skills to produce and apply oxidative enzymes. This will be achieved by setting up a network and intersectoral programme in which
multiple disciplines will be integrated and exploited. By bringing together 7 academic beneficiaries that are experts in the
field of individual oxygenase groups, the network will provide perfect conditions for cross-fertilization of knowledge, while the
3 industrial beneficiaries and 5 partner organisations will add to the consortium by translating the generated knowledge into
real industrial applications, such as textiles, pharmaceuticals and biorefineries.
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/20