EU - OPENREQ - Intelligent Recommendation Decision Technologies for Community-Driven Requirements Engineering

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Requirements Engineering is a key activity in ICT projects: What are current user needs and what requirements satisfy
them? How much effort would a requirement cost and in which release should it be delivered? Which requirements can be
reused from similar projects? Are there hidden dependencies or inconsistencies? What trade-offs are acceptable for users
and other stakeholders? A satisfactory, efficient answer to these questions is essential for the success for nowadays
software projects.
OPENREQ leverages modern recommender algorithms, semantic technologies and data-mining to provide intelligent,
proactive support for stakeholders survey alternatives and make individual or group decisions. OPENREQ focuses on
complex, community-driven ICT projects with various dependencies and stakeholders as in the Telecom, Transportation,
and Cross-Platform-Software domain covered in our trials.
We will develop, evaluate and disseminate a fully integrated open-source requirements management platform and a set of
connectors with the following decision-making capabilities:
Requirements Intelligence: monitors the actual software usage, collects stakeholders’ and users’ feedback (e.g. from social
media), aggregates and visualizes this information as predictive analytics.
Stakeholder’s Personal Recommender: implements advanced recommendation and machine-learning algorithms to assist
requirements work, improve a requirement’s quality, estimate its properties or predict relevant stakeholders.
Group Decision Support: enables the stakeholders’ participation, the resolution of preference conflicts, and the identification
of consensus, e.g. during release planning.
Dependency Management: semi-automatically identifies requirements dependencies, supports requirements reasoning and
reuse of requirements knowledge.
With the OPENREQ Interfaces, these capabilities will be integrated
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/19


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