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The internationally organized scientific community "Environmental Informatics" proposes a support action. The super ordinate goal is to promote and extend the European exchange of knowledge and information on environmental issues for a sustainable environmental development based on a well-established network.

The overall idea of the Support Action includes the following activities
- To identify relevant application areas for ICT for a sustainable development
- To expand the existing network with experts from EU27+
- To organise two enlarged EnviroInfo conferences

2008: "Environmental Informatics and Industrial Ecology" and 2009: "Environmental Management Information Systems: Accessing and Providing valuable Information for companies
- sustainable oriented Decision Making" (tentative)
- build a database on research literature - based on EnviroInfo proceedings
- provide a Web based information system on European environmental sustainability research
- to define requirements for a portal concept for the development of a "Single information space in Europe" and finalize with recommendation and a roadmap for inter-/transdisciplinary research to strengthen the EUROPEAN RESEARCH AREA in the field of ICT for environmental sustainability.

The group "Environmental Informatics" provides in this Support Action long-standing experience in ICT application for communication, technology and environmental protection. While gaining additional information from other countries, an added value emerges from a growing network of experts and practitioner in research, industry, SMEs and administration linked with an in-deep interdisciplinary knowledge transfer. It is certain, that after this Support Action the current independent group will cross over again into an enlarged self-sufficient European network with a well-founded information basis. ICT-2007.6.3 ICT for environmental management and energy efficiency
Effective start/end date1/05/0830/04/10


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