EU - Design4SusMan - Designing an Erasmus Mundus Master on Digital and Sustainable Manufacturing

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This Des4SusMan project aims to develop a 2-y joint MSc on Digital and Sustainable Manufacturing for training students in the fields of mechanical, manufacturing and management engineering, also providing them with intercultural competencies, making them able to address major challenges that EU is currently facing. These encompass especially the megatrends of digitalisation in manufacturing companies as well as the social/ethical and climate/environmental sustainability challenges that are central in current and future EU policies. Indeed, recent research and industry practice have highlighted that these trends constantly yield novel applications in the mechanical and manufacturing engineering domain. They simultaneously require careful management of resources, perceptions, and cooperations to enable a successful large-scale implementation to ultimately realize the benefits of smart and sustainable factories of the future
Effective start/end date1/10/2231/12/23


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