EU - CEF - Hosted Virtual Identity Provider for the Austrian eID system

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In regard to the eIDAS interoperability architecture, Austria is a middleware country. This means a Pan-European
Proxy Service (PEPS) is not provided as a central service by Austria. Instead, service providers have to install and
deploy for their services a so-called Virtual Identity Provider (VIDP), a middleware being able to provide
authentication means for Austrian citizens using their national eID, either as citizen card or mobile phone signature.
This MW approach thus requires additional effort and costs at service providers. Even though this decentralized
approach is somewhat “absorbed” by installing a centrally hosted VIDP at the S-PEPS of each Member State, during
the STORK project and the eIDAS expert group discussions several Member States raised concerns, in particular
1) Interoperability
2) Security
3) Liability
4) Cost and complexity
Effective start/end date1/09/1530/03/19


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