ERD/ERS in Patients with Extrapyramidal Movement Disorders Due to Parkinson- and Restless-Leg Syndrom

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    This study is running in corporation between the department of Medical Informatics (TU-Graz) and the Universitätsklinik für Neurologie (Karl-Franzens Universität Graz) and started in January 2000. EEG-Data during left and right index finger movements and tactile stimulation of the finger tip are recorded at the EEG-Lab of the hospital and stored in EDF-format. A grid of 23 electrodes overlying frontal, central and parietal areas is used. ERD/ERS analysis and further statistacal procedures are done at the Dept. of Medical Informatics. Patients with different types of the Parkinson Syndrom and Restless-Leg Syndrome participate in this study as well as sex/age-matched healthy controls.
    Effective start/end date1/01/9531/01/04


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