Environmental Impact Analyses with Regard to Noise Emissions from Roads, Railways, Industry or Wood Chippers, etc

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Sound-insulating walls are effective screening measures. However, they soon come up against their limits due to geometric conditions on wide roadways and/or high neighbouring development. The Bindermichel motorway junction in Linz is located in a relatively densely built-up area and was to be “renovated” in terms of the noise situation. For this purpose, an idea competition was held to elaborate a concept to cover the large junction with a tent structure so as to achieve adequate reduction of the noise level in the built-up areas despite the necessary openings for ventilation and fire protection. The adjoining, multi-lane but not branching road sections were covered conventionally, integrating the roof surfaces into the urban development concept in order to link separated districts to each other again. The range of applications for this kind of sound engineering simulation calculations includes e.g. noise emissions from track vehicles or mechanical services. For a large cinema complex directly adjacent to existing residential buildings, the powerful – but also noisy – ventilation devices were strategically positioned and screened off from the housing with the aid of noise-insulating walls.
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