Electrochemical Formation and Properties of Polysilanes

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Major goal of the current project is the electrochemical
synthesis of linear and cyclic polysilanes, which might
be useful as semi conducting materials or semi conductor
precursors. Particular attention is given to the following
topics: 1.) Electrochemical formation of Si-Si-bonds
starting from dichlorosilanes bearing electrochemically
stable functional groups in order to get access to
polysilanes allowing further chemical modification
2.) Formation of Si-heteroelement bonds by electrochemical
reduction 3.) Electrosynthesis of functional cyclosilanes
as starting materials for functional polysilanes or
electronically active cyclic silicon compounds (siloxene,
luminescent silicon). Additionally cyclovoltammetric
studies are used to closer investigate interactions of
Si-Si-bonds and various substituents.
Effective start/end date1/01/95 → …


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