Effective Heat Conductivity of Packed Beds

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Beds of solid particles through which a gas flows and which react with it are very common in nature and in technical applications (e.g. combustion/gasification of solids, production of pig iron, stockpiles of hay, bark, coal, compost and waste). The quality of computer simulations of packed beds depend very much on the properties of the respective materials. So far the value "effective heat conductivity" of packed beds has not yet been sufficiently examinend and documented. For measurement of this property it was therefore necessary to develop a new measurement device. As measurement principle the so called "steady state two plates method" was chosen. The following parameters determine the working range of this apparatus: - particle size of the sample up to 10mm - specimen thickness up to 100mm at a metering area diameter of 200mm - temperature range from ambient conditions up to 300°C - gas pressure of the sample from ambient pressure to 5Pa - heat conductivity from 0,02W/mK to 1 W/mK Until now the effective heat conductivity of the following samples was measured with this apparatus. - quartz sand - glass - glass-spheres - charcoal - PE/PP-shreds
Effective start/end date1/01/9531/01/01


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