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The determination of renewal priorities as a basis for the targeted reinvestment into water supply networks is a central core task of water supply companies in the 21st century. In 2011, a first study, which contained a parameter and risk-based approach for renewal prioritization, was carried out for the transmission mains network of the WLV Northern Burgenland. The results of the study have already been successfully implemented in recent years. In the past 10 years, both the database at the water utility and options for forecasting the condition and damage have changed. Therefore, it can be assumed that by now, with new models (e.g. using machine learning) and the significantly longer time series of damage records, a model and risk-based renewal prioritization will be possible. The new study should therefore include the following points: • Data processing of pipe and failure data records for the use with the tool PiReM • Developing an additional failure prediction model for the transmission mains of the WLV • Risk-oriented determination of renewal priorities including expert knowledge
Effective start/end date14/03/2230/10/22


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