ECO2 City Klagenfurt

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The city of Klagenfurt intends to improve her GHG balance significantly and, therefore, works on a new vision and suitable Road Map to reduce 50% of the GHG issues in several well-chosen areas in Klagenfurt until 2020, and 90% of the GHG issues in the whole town until 2050. Central building block is the advancement of a smart metre to an CO2 manager as an interface between consumer and smart grid, which informs about energy consumption and water consumption, as well as mobility activities of the customers, and calculates the GHG-emissionen (this should influence the consumer behaviour). This possibility is offered to the participanting households and companies by innovative infrastructure measures in the well-chosen demo areas to save CO2 and to receive CO2 certificates. This project serves the examination of the feasibility of the planned demonstration project CO2-City and allows the realization of a realistic Road Map for Klagenfurt to achieve the ambitious aim.
Effective start/end date1/08/111/06/12


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