ECC - EnergyCityConcepts - Development of methods an concepts for implementation of sustainable energy systems in cities using the example of Gleisdorf and Salzburg

Project: Research project


In the current project two concrete model regions (small city Gleisdorf and urban city quarter Salzburg-Schallmoos) will be developed and tested with new methodical approaches
(interdisciplinary urban and regional energy planning, modeling and simulation). An ambitious political commitment of both model regions is a 100% renewable or rather CO2-
neutral energy supply. Based on the pre works in the regions the interdisciplinary team has to work on concrete scenarios and concepts for implementation of complete sustainable
energy systems which allows an evaluation of the above defined targets on technical, ecological and economic criteria’s. Finally, the concrete implementation process in both
regions should be prepared as well as the transferability and also the generalizability of the methodic to other regions should be proofed.
Effective start/end date1/02/1631/01/19