DynMaut - Dynamic Tolling: Electronic charge of (street use) toll for prevention of congestion and air pollution control through intelligent traffic manipulation using user-specific variable toll rates

Project: Research project

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The goal of the research project was to develop, together with KAPSCH TrafficCom, an intelligent traffic management concept, to influence individual traffic behavior by flexible toll rates in order to prevent congestion and reduce air pollution. Advantages, possibilities and limitations of a dynamic toll fee were gathered from an organisational, juridical and technical point-of-view. The findings for a dynamic toll were applied with the help of computer simulations using several scenarios (different traffic conditions respectively environmental conditions) to a transport demand model of Austria. The obtained results were analyzed. The simulation results and methodology has been applied by KAPSCH to set up a toll calculatior for variable tariffs.
Effective start/end date1/11/0831/12/09


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