dNWB - Nature-based stormwater management 4.0

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Nature-based stormwater management measures in cities and municipalities are more and more seen as a component to solve or at least to mitigate current and future challenges due to climate change and urbanization. Although there are several implementations of nature-based retention systems in the meantime (e.g. retentive bio swales along roads and nature-based retention measures in the road structure, green infrastructure as well as green roofs) and the positive effects are known from practical experience, a complete assessment of the diverse modes of action and the quantitative benefits of the various measures with regard to the different objectives is still outstanding. In this project, on the one hand, the different,nature based stormwater measures are analyzed and investigated with regard to the legal basis and technical guidelines, water management aspects, interactions with and effects on neighboring infrastructures. On the other hand, a general planning methodology will be developed and a corresponding guideline will be compiled.
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/03/24


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