DIGICOPRO - Quality control of concreting processes using multi-sensor systems

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Every year, 11 million m of concrete are cast in place on Austrian construction sites. More often than not, neglecting best working practices led to deficiencies requiring costly rework and repair. One of the most frequent causes of such defects is an excessively high concrete pouring rate. This can lead to a decrease in concrete quality, to defects in terms of colour uniformity and, ultimately, cause the formwork to bend, which often results in non-adherence to the specified evenness of the finished concrete wall. Particularly in the case of exposed concrete these defects drastically diminish the quality of the final structure. Thus they require costly rework and cosmetic repair by appropriately skilled experts. Moreover, placing concrete too quickly can also cause the formwork to break owing to the rapidly rising concrete pressure, putting the health and safety of construction workers at risk. To prevent the above-described defects, Ralph Stöckl, Christoph Stöckl, and Prof. Hofstadler are currently developing a patented digital measuring system on the basis of the submitted patent application, which monitors the concrete placement process. Using this measuring system enables construction contractors to reduce the degree of costly rework and rehabilitation, which in the worst case could include demolishing the concrete structure and constructing it again from the ground up. At the same time, the system improves the general level of safety at work. The system introduced here thus also supports saving resources and contributes to preventing unnecessary carbon emissions.
StatusNot started
Effective start/end date1/04/2330/09/24


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