Customer-oriented business process design by cascading and segmenting (dissertation)

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    The focus on connected operational sequences in organizations, which produce customer value in their entirety expels the traditional predominance of the organizational structure, which puts the static aspect of an organization in the centre of consideration. The Grazer Concept for process-orientated organizations, being the foundation of this study, is essentially based on the organization of segmented and cascaded process structures. Quite a lot of argumentative difficulties in the identification of processes as well as in the formation of process cascades came up by applicating this concept. The targets of this study are on the one hand to widen the scientific base of the Grazer Concept and on the other hand to develop a process-orientated organizational approach. The core items form the definition of the customer himself respectively the market itself as a starting point for organizational design measures, as well as a consistent case management, and the use of subordercycles for the formation of a process cascades. Further transaction-cost-theoretical and knowledge-economical considerations will be applied to the definition of process-cascade boundaries. The resulting enterprise macro model is characterised by a distinct customer orientation, a constant process responsibility, as well as simple transparent process structures.
    Effective start/end date1/11/9731/12/99


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