Curtain FWalling and lightweight faades

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Curtain walling and lightweight facades are today used in particular for office and administrative buildings and often in connection with sophisticated architectural solutions. Due to the high degree of prefabrication and the professional system development, even technically complicated building envelopes can be realized. Such building envelopes have to meet all building physics requirements, and increasingly more and more innovative solutions in the direction of sensor technology, control, Hvac, actuators, energy harvesting and energy production are increasingly being developed in combination with intelligent home automation control systems. A special topic is sound insulation. By absorber systems and the optimization of profile systems it is possible to get favorable conditions for a good sound insulation and with specifically arranged sound-absorbing zones windows can be optimized when opend for ventilation. Another topic is the interaction of glass, shading, glare protection, with the use and effects on daylight, summer heat insulation and energy consumption.
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