CD-Laboratory for Surface Chemical and Physical Fundamentals Of Paper Strength

  • Hirn, Ulrich (Co-Investigator (CoI))
  • Bauer, Wolfgang (Co-Investigator (CoI))
  • Suppan, Lisbeth (Co-Investigator (CoI))
  • Miletzky, Frank Albrecht (Co-Investigator (CoI))
  • Diebald, Stefan (Co-Investigator (CoI))
  • Fischer, Wolfgang Johann (Co-Investigator (CoI))
  • Gilli, Eduard (Co-Investigator (CoI))
  • Schennach, Esther (Co-Investigator (CoI))
  • Lahti, Jussi Antero (Co-Investigator (CoI))
  • Weber, Frederik (Co-Investigator (CoI))
  • Schennach, Robert (Principal Investigator (PI))

Project: Research project

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