CAFS - Commercial ASIC Foundries for Space Applications

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In contrast to the digital ASIC domain, there are no space qualified analog ASIC processes and foundries available in Europe. Thus, in order to achieve ITAR-free products, the use of commercial ASI technologies and processes for space applications represents a highly innovative and attractive approach. While AAE has already gained experience in design area, the qualification of the ASIC part the substance of the proposed work. The main goal is to optimise the cost function of such a commerci ASIC component qualification for space use by understanding all technological constraints. Our partner in this study, Institute of Electronics, TU GRAZ, will contribute their vast know-how of analog ASIC design, related ASIC foundries and applicable commercial quality standards. For instance, we will compare quality standards applicable in the automotive and medical industry with the ESA quality standard in order to point out where the real differences are, which are important to be observed.
Effective start/end date1/11/0830/04/09


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