Building component evaluation of a lightweight roof structure for a cinema complex with TXH qualification, taking aircraft noise into account

Project: Research project


The demands to be met by cinemas are constantly increasing due to technological advances in film production. Although cinema auditoriums are being designed bigger and bigger and wide-spanning lightweight roof structures seem to make sense in terms of statics, they do need to be examined more closely from the point of view of sound engineering – above all under the influence of severe traffic noise (roads and aircraft). On the basis of an actual building project situated on a busy access way nearby Klagenfurt airport, an evaluation was performed on a lightweight roof element with high-quality acoustic characteristics. As is also the case with solid building components, smoke extractor openings and their connections are weak points. Nevertheless, the lightweight structure proved basically suitable – with the exception of aircraft, e.g. helicopters, flying directly above the building – and adequate noise protection could be expected.
Effective start/end date1/01/9731/01/97