ARA-GRAZ_EW-GU - Sampling measurement campaigns for the estimation of the daily pollution loads discharged from the surrounding municipalities of Graz into the sewerage system of the city of Graz

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Currently, the surrounding municipalities of Graz, which are connected to the sewerage system or wastewater treatment plant of the City of Graz, are discharging into the sewerage system of the City of Graz at a total of 10 discharge points, where measuring systems for quantifying the quantities of wastewater discharged are installed and operated continuously. Within the scope of sampling measurement campaigns over a dry weather period of at least 7 days including one weekend, 24 h daily mixed samples proportional to quantity are taken at the discharge points and the daily pollution loads discharged for selected parameters are determined from these. Furthermore, at the 10 discharge points, the quantities of parasite water discharged over a period of 1 year are also analysed.
Effective start/end date5/12/1831/07/19


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