ANITAS - Advanced NFC Interoperabiltiy Test Automation System

Project: Research project

Project Details


The ultimate goal of ANITAS is to accelerate NFC market success, and to provide a competitive advantage, as well as higher international visibility of TU Graz in this domain. This will be achieved by a significant step-up in NFC interoperability and fast access to related findings for the involved partners. Improved interoperability is based on the following industrial research activities addressed in ANITAS: (1) a detailed research on the key parameters that impact interoperability, (2) advanced interoperability standards as well as a next generation of novel test-systems and finally (3) advanced know-how for an improved next generation of NFC products. The high complexity of the topic requires complementary know-how, as well as a complementary position in the value chain as provided by the three partners and intensive co-operation.
The most important expected direct results of ANITAS will be:
1. A detailed understanding of the NFC parameter set and its impact on interoperability
2. The development of a novel HW/SW architecture for the NFC measurement system
3. A validation of novel concepts regarding usability in next generation NFC interoperability test systems for NFC products (considering customer and end-user requirements).
Effective start/end date1/01/1830/06/20