AMOR - Applied Model-Based Reasoning

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The Applied MOdel-based Reasoning (AMOR) project deals with providing a
methodology and a framework for diagnosis in the industrial domain. This includes the
objective to further provide support for bringing model-based diagnosis into daily
industrial practice. Diagnosis as a process comprises the following activities: (1) to
detect a failure, which is a deviation between the expected and the observed behavior of
a system, (2) to localize the root cause for the failure, and (3) to correct the fault, which
either be a replacement of system components or any other action that brings the
system back into a well-defined desired state. Note that in AMOR we only focus on
detection and localization. For fault correction we assume that knowledge of the root
cause can be directly mapped to correcting actions. In general this would be a
restriction. However, in the proposed domain where maintenance staff has access to the
system and where replacement units are available this assumption is reasonable.
Effective start/end date1/01/1431/12/16