A-IQ Ready - Artificial Intelligence using Quantum measured Information for realtime distributed systems at the edge

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Global environmental issues, social inequality and geopolitical changes will pose numerous problems for our society in the future. To face these new challenges and deal with them, there is a need to understand and appropriately utilize new digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and biotechnologies. The use of such new digital technologies contributes to a higher degree of digitalization, while also allowing to respond to emergency situations in a sustainable and effective way. This in turn ensures not only civil and societal safety and security, but also improves the operational readiness and efficiency in safety critical domains such as the Search&Rescue (SAR). A- A-IQ Ready drives the digital era towards Society 5.0 by promoting civil safety, digital health and co-existence between humans and AI. A-IQ Ready presents methods for localization of so-called SAR platforms which are able to navigate in tunnel scenarios without GPS signals. Using a quantum sensor, geomagnetic field measurements and appropriate sensor fusion algorithms, the position of the SAR platform is determined. In addition, new methods will be developed and demonstrated in A-IQ Ready, which allow for a highly precise assessment of both the health and alertness status of individuals in high-risk situations, as would be in the case of a SAR mission. Using modern contact and non-contact sensor technology, it will be possible to capture the cardiorespiratory status in real time, which directly correlates to the individual`s level of fatigue. This represents an innovative paradigm shift from drowsiness monitoring to sleep prediction. B- A-IQ Ready proposes cutting-edge quantum sensing, edge continuum orchestration of AI and distributed collaborative intelligence technologies to implement the vision of intelligent and autonomous ECS for the digital age. Quantum magnetic flux and gyro sensors enable highest sensitivity and accuracy without any need for calibration, offer unmatched properties when used in combination with a magnetic field map. Such a localization system will enhance the timing and accuracy of the autonomous agents and will reduce false alarms or misinformation by means of AI and multi-agent system concepts. As a priority, the communication guidance and decision making of groups of agents need to be based on cutting-edge technologies. Edge continuum orchestration of AI will allow decentralizing the development of applications, while ensuring an optimal use of the available resources. Combined with the quantum sensors, the edge continuum will be equipped with innovative, multi-physical capabilities to sense the environment, generating “slim” but accurate measurements. Distributed intelligence will enable emergent behavior and massive collaboration of multiple agents towards a common goal. By exploring the synergies of these cutting-edge technologies through civil safety and security, digital health, smart logistics for supply chains and propulsion use cases, A-IQ Ready will provide the basis for the digital society in Europe based on values, moving towards the ideal of Society 5.0.
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/01/26


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