A Flexible Assembly Unit for Industrial Applications

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    The series production of parts with a small to medium number of units requires a fast
    and inexpensive adaption to new parts. A pure hardware solution, as it is common for
    example in the motor industry, is contrary to the above requirement. The goal of this
    project is to develop a vision driven, flexible and automatic assembling unit. In order to
    solve this demanding task, the separation into three, from the viewpoint of vision
    almost independent steps is proposed. The first step is to isolate one part from the
    pile. This task is generally referred as binpicking. Where the task of step one was to
    detect one plane among many parts of one class the task now is to determine the
    exact position of one known part (step 2). And the third step is the surveillance of the
    assembling itself.
    Effective start/end date1/01/9631/12/00


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