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EU - IPROMES - Image Processing as Metrological Solution

Teichtmeister, G., Holler, G., Hrach, D., Schweighofer, G. & Brandner, M.


Project: Research project

FWF- Free volumes in nanocrystalline bulk metals

Oberdorfer, B., Puff, W., Sprengel, W. & Würschum, R.


Project: Research project

Polynomial Mappings on Finite Commutative Rings

Frisch, S.


Project: Research project

FWF - Unters. Seitenkanal Att - Investigation of Side-Channel Attacks (ISCA)

Dominikus, S., Hutter, M., Popp, T., Mangard, S., Oswald, M. E., Rijmen, V., Plos, T., Posch, R. & Herbst, C.


Project: Research project

FWF - CPGG - Combinatorial Problems on Geometric Graphs

Hackl, T.


Project: Research project

EU - TOBI - Tools for brain-computer interaction

Breitwieser, C., Müller-Putz, G., Kaiser, V., Kreilinger, A., Hiebel, H. & Neuper, C.


Project: Research project

Toxicity of oxidized phospholipids in macrophages

Stemmer, U., Lehsl, A., Koller, D., Rasmussen, J., Zenzmaier, E. & Hermetter, A.


Project: Research project

VIDENTE - Augmented Reality Systems for Visualisation of Subsurface Utility Networks

Mendez Mendez, E., Schall, G. & Schmalstieg, D.


Project: Research project

Crystal and Molecular Structure of Electroactive Organic Materials under High Pressure

Bitschnau, B., Heimel, G., Oehzelt, M., Aichholzer, A. & Resel, R.


Project: Research project

EU - ARTEMIS - Assessment and Reliability of Traffic Emissions

Blassnegger, J., Rodler, J., Rexeis, M., Engler, D., Ivanisin, M., Bacher, M., Sturm, P. & Hausberger, S.


Project: Research project

EU - Biosynthex - BIOSYNTEX - Biotechnical Quality Improvement of Synthetic Textile Fibres

Heumann, S., Fischer-Colbrie, G. & Gübitz, G.


Project: Research project

TetraClick - Tetrazines as versatile building blocks in polymer chemistry

Knall, A.


Project: Research project

FWF-Phosphatidylethanolamin - Phosphatidylethanolamine of yeast mitochondria

Lehsl, A., Rosenberger, S., Schuiki, I. & Daum, G.


Project: Research project

HECTOR - Hardware enable crypto and randomness

Korak, T., Mangard, S. & Mendel, F.


Project: Research project

EU - TAMPRES - TAMper Resistant Sensor node

Hutter, M., Kirschbaum, M., Plos, T., Korak, T., Wenger, E. & Schmidt, J.


Project: Research project

Jet_iv - Jet velocities in casings of Pelton turbines "jet_iv"

Arch, A., Heigerth, G. & Mayr, D.


Project: Research project

Doctoral Program: Confluence of Vision and Graphics

Zangl, K., Fellner, W., Klopschitz, M., Leberl, F., Pinz, A., Schmalstieg, D., Aurenhammer, F., Bauer, C., Schiffer, T., Demuth, M., Recky, M. & Bischof, H.


Project: Research project

EU - COCONUT - A correct-by-construction workbench for design and verification of embedded systems

Könighofer, R., Hofferek, G., Greimel, K. & Bloem, R.


Project: Research project

Digitalisierte Papierstruktur - Digitized Paper Structure

Derflinger, C., Donoser, M., Hirn, U., Kritzinger, J., Wiltsche, M. & Bauer, W.


Project: Research project

COST IC0802 - Action on Propagation tools and data for integrated Telecommunication, Navigation and Earth Observation systems

Saleem Awan, M., Loeschnigg, M., Nadeem, F., Brandl, P., Plank, T., Khan, M. S. & Leitgeb, E.


Project: Research project

EduRob - Educational Robotics in Styria

Steinbauer, G.


Project: Research project

FWF - FAME - Fully Automatic MRI-based Age Estimation of Adolescents

Bischof, H. & Urschler, M.


Project: Research project

FWF - ReSIT - Realizing a Secure Internet of Things

Hutter, M., Wenger, E., Schmidt, J., Mendel, F., Mangard, S. & Posch, R.


Project: Research project

Aerodynamik von Kraftfahrzeuge - Automobile Aerodynamics

Brenn, G., Hörmann, T. & Meile, W.


Project: Research project

IoSense - Flexible FE/BE Sensor Pilot Line for the Internet of Everything

Steger, C., Ulz, T. & Pieber, T. W.


Project: Research project