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Researchproject "OR 25/24"

Modre, E., Margelik, R. & Laimböck, F.


Project: Research project

Research platform "Flight Simulation"

Pavlidis, N., Rohrer, W., Galle, C., Tieber, G., Schmaranz, K., Buchsbaum, T., Grünwald, S., Hecher, M., Lichtenegger, G. C., Prehofer, B. A., Vössner, S., Höftberger, J., Lai, V. T., Braunstingl, R., Lazian, W. & Wippel, V.


Project: Research project

Research Pillar - Virtual and Physical Testing

1/09/15 → …

Project: Research area

Research Pillar - Integrated Safety

1/09/15 → …

Project: Research area

Research Pillar - Development of Methods and Basics

1/08/15 → …

Project: Research area

Research on the use of PWM-VSI as a shunt active filter

Ofner, G. & Weichbold, P.


Project: Research project

Research on the Thermal Behaviour of Electrical Machines

Köfler, H. & Traussnigg, U.


Project: Research project

Research on the kyanite deposit of Chembi, Ethiopia

Kolmer, H.


Project: Research project

Research on Sustainable Development in Austria

Narodoslawsky, M.


Project: Research project

Research on industrial frequency converters

Ingruber, R.


Project: Research area

Research of Success factors and criterias

Haberfellner, R.

1/01/79 → …

Project: Research area

Research in Large Gas Engines - Jenbacher

Wimmer, A.

1/01/95 → …

Project: Research project

Research Engine For The Development of Hydrogen Combustion Systems

Barth, M. A., Wallner, T., Grabner, P., Kovac, K., Heindl, R., Spuller, C., Kirchweger, W., Haslacher, R., Skalla, C. & Eichlseder, H.

1/09/01 → …

Project: Research project

research cluster 'E-BioREC' (networking activity)

Metz, S., Schwinger, E. & Hasewend, B.


Project: Research project

Research Area LEC (Large Engines Competence Center)

Gufler, M., Wimmer, A., Salbrechter, S., Kirsten, M., Redtenbacher, C., Losonczi, B., Unterguggenberger, P., Pemp, B., Schlick, H., Krebs, M. & Schubert-Zallinger, C.

1/01/90 → …

Project: Research area

Research and Development Process of a Sewage Pump Manufacturer

Hermann, C.


Project: Research project

Research- and Development-Cooperation with AVL

Wimmer, A.


Project: Research project

Research about Bonding with Biodiesel

Schlag, S. W.


Project: Research project

Research_Topic_2: Sustainable Development and Optimisation of Urban Water Infrastructure

Fuchs-Hanusch, D., Kölbl, J., Vasvári, V., Theuretzbacher-Fritz, H., Steffelbauer, D., Gangl, G., Friedl, F., Schrotter, S., Kauch, E. P., Guenther, M., Scheucher, R., Krall, E. & Krakow, S.

1/10/99 → …

Project: Research area

Research_Topic_1: Management of Sewage Water Systems

Vicuinik, R., Gruber, G., Kainz, H., Gerhold, H., Hochedlinger, M. & Gamerith, V.

1/10/00 → …

Project: Research area

Requirements Engineering

Felfernig, A., Speiser-Reinfrank, F., Reiterer, S. & Ninaus, G.

1/03/09 → …

Project: Research area

Reproducible production of screen printed layers

Brenn, G. & Planchette, C.


Project: Research project

Reports of the ÖAW-Intranet System

Guetl, C.


Project: Research project

Repair of Concrete Structures with Polymer-modified Self-compacting Concrete (SPC)

Altendorfer, T. & Geymayer, H.


Project: Research project

Renewable Energies in Liberalized Electricity Market

Todem, C., Bachhiesl, U. & Stigler, H.


Project: Research project

Relativistic coupled cluster for open-shell molecules

Pototschnig, J. V. & Ernst, W.


Project: Research project

Reinjektion - Geothermal energy supply (Project 838744)

Dietzel, M.


Project: Research project

Reifenkraftermittlung auf Sand

Emso, S. & Steffan, H.


Project: Research project