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LEAD - LEAD-Low Emission Analog Design

Auer, M.


Project: Research project

EMF-Messung - EMF station Dorfgastein

Schmautzer, E., Jauk, B., Friedl, K., Neundlinger, P., Emmer, W. & Fürnschuß, M.


Project: Research project

FWF - Mozart - Catalysis on bimetallic nanoparticles

Hauser, A.


Project: Research project

Intensified Density - A small scale densifiation strategy with using modular construction

Petersson, P., Peters, S., Luzhnica, D., Kickenweitz, P., Linortner, C., Krejs, B., Holzinger, C., Hausegger, B., Trummer, A. & Pichlkastner, C.


Project: Research project

DL_New_Mobility - Services New Mobility

Wegleiter, H., Fabian, J. & Fickert, L.


Project: Research project

4 In Wien - Asset Management Infrastructure

Landgraf, M. & Offenbacher, S.


Project: Research project

EU - SEPIA - Secure, Embedded Platform with advanced Process Isolation and Anonymity Capabilities

Winter, J., Dietrich, K., Pirker, M., Hein, D., Bloem, R., Tögl, R. & Podesser, S.


Project: Research project

Microsphere Sedimentation Bioarrays

Klimant, I., Mayr, T. & Moser, C.


Project: Research project

Novel Photovoltaic Modules Based on Nanocomposite Solar Cells

Bartl, K., Rath, T., Bohnemann, K., Stelzer, F., Trimmel, G. & Maier, E.

1/04/08 → …

Project: Research project

TG+ Extension - Extension of SGC Plus System

Klimant, I.


Project: Research project

CD-Laboratory for Organo-Catalysis in Polymerization

Slugovc, C.


Project: Research project

Multifunctional magnetic sensor particles

Mistlberger, G. & Klimant, I.

1/06/06 → …

Project: Research project

EU - Open_TC - Open Trusted Computing

Bratko, H., Tögl, R., Winkler, T., Pirker, M., Hofferek, G., Dietrich, K., Lipp, P. & Vejda, T.


Project: Research project

Special Research Area (SFB) F55 Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods: Theory and Applications

Grabner, P., Tichy, R., Kusner, W. B., Ziefle, J., Brauchart, J., Iaco, M. R. & Aistleitner, C.


Project: Research project

CD-Laboratory for Automotive Measurement Research

Zangl, H. & Brasseur, G.


Project: Research project

Evaluation of strains and process for the production of PHA - Step 2

Hesse, P. J., Koller, M., Stelzer, F., Kutschera, C., Atlic, A., Braunegg, G. & Fasl, H.


Project: Research project

VIDENTE - Augmented Reality Systems for Visualisation of Subsurface Utility Networks

Mendez Mendez, E., Schall, G. & Schmalstieg, D.


Project: Research project

FWF - Computational geometry - NFN Industrial Geometry

Vogtenhuber, B., Aigner, W., Hackl, T., Grohs, P., Karpenkov, O., Kornberger, B., Wallner, J., Aichholzer, O. & Müller, C.


Project: Research project

GEN-AU Non-coding RNAs - From identification to functional characterization

Karbiener, M. & Scheideler, M.


Project: Research project

Mass Transfer

Brenn, G.

1/09/02 → …

Project: Research project

EU - PRESENCCIA - Presence: Research Encompassing Sensory Enhancement, Neuroscience, Cerebral-Computer Interfaces and Applications

Kaiser, V., Leeb, R., Schall, G., Bauernfeind, G., Solis Escalante, T., Keinrath, C., Pfurtscheller, G. & Schmalstieg, D.


Project: Research project

Instruction Set Extensions and Architectural Enhancements for Public-Key Cryptography on General-Purpose RISC Processors

Tillich, S., Großschädl, J., Szekely, A. & Posch, K.


Project: Research project