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FWF - SILENES - Unsaturated Cyclopolysilanes

Stüger, H.


Project: Research project

FWF - Silene und Disilene - Silenes and Disilenes

Zirngast, M., Tousi, F., Balatoni, I. & Marschner, C.


Project: Research project

FWF - SiP-Ketten - SiP-Chains, Rings and Cages

Hassler, K.


Project: Research project

FWF - Stochastic Mapp T u N T - Stochastic Mapping Technique and Neoclassical Transport

Allmaier, K., Kasilov, S., Leitold, G., Seiwald, B., Nyemov, V. & Kernbichler, W.


Project: Research project

FWF - Struk Entw v Störung u - Structural evolution of faults and fault rocks

Brosch, F., Pischinger, G., Rabitsch, R., Gaich, H. & Kurz, W.


Project: Research project

FWF - SuperHydra - SuperHydra

Boeri, L. & von der Linden, W.


Project: Research project

FWF - TMW - Thermomechanical Welding (TMW)

Enzinger, N. & Nasiri, M. B.


Project: Research project

FWF-Torsion von Metallen - Thermomechanical processing of metals at moderate and large strains

Poletti, M. C., Halici, D., Canelo Yubero, D. & Simonet Fotso, J. F. T.


Project: Research project

FWF - UFO - Semi-Autonomous Aerial Vehicles for Augmented Reality

Schmalstieg, D., Isop, W. A. & Erat, O.


Project: Research project

FWF - Unters. Seitenkanal Att - Investigation of Side-Channel Attacks (ISCA)

Dominikus, S., Hutter, M., Popp, T., Mangard, S., Oswald, M. E., Rijmen, V., Plos, T., Posch, R. & Herbst, C.


Project: Research project