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VIDENTE - Augmented Reality Systems for Visualisation of Subsurface Utility Networks

Mendez Mendez, E., Schall, G. & Schmalstieg, D.


Project: Research project

Microstructure Modelling and Simulation

Krumphals, F., Sonderegger, B., Candic, M., Krumphals, A., Pein, C., Sommitsch, C., Sherstnev, P. & Pschera, R. O.

1/01/02 → …

Project: Research area

Glycochemistry and Glycotechnology

Wrodnigg, T., Stütz, A. & Steiner, A.

1/01/88 → …

Project: Research area

CD-Laboratory for Handheld Augmented Reality

Bauernhofer, C., Grasmug, P., Nguyen, T. Q., Gruber, L., Arth, C., Pirchheim, C., Schmalstieg, D. & Tatzgern, M.


Project: Research project

3D Modeling from Visual Information

Zach, C., Klaus, A., Bauer, J., Sormann, M., Karner, K. & Zebedin, L.


Project: Research project

PROACT - Programme for Advanced Contactless Technology

Posch, K., Winkler, G., Bretterklieber, T., Brasseur, G., Pribyl, W., Dominikus, S., Hutter, M., Tillich, S., Kubin, G., Trieb, M., Feldhofer, M., Zangl, H., Leitgeb, E., Steger, C., Preis, K., Aigner, M. J., Wolkerstorfer, J., Biro, O., Plos, T., Söser, P., Koudelka, O. F. S., Witrisal, K. & Hollaus, K.


Project: Research project

Research_Topic_1: Management of Sewage Water Systems

Vicuinik, R., Gruber, G., Kainz, H., Gerhold, H., Hochedlinger, M. & Gamerith, V.

1/10/00 → …

Project: Research area


Kainz, H., Kauch, E. P., Gruber, G., Theuretzbacher-Fritz, H., Vasvári, V. & Hochedlinger, M.


Project: Research project

AHSM-B - Smart Maintenance Part B

Furian, N.


Project: Research project

High Temperature Attachment for 4-Circle X-ray Goniometers

Resel, R., Tamas, E. & Koini, M.


Project: Research project

Organic Opto-Electronic Devices

Wenzl, F., Mauthner, G., Pogantsch, A., Collon, M. & List-Kratochvil, E.


Project: Research project

EU - RTN-Network EUROFET - Research Training Network EUROFET

Lengyel, O., Staneva, R. & Resel, R.


Project: Research project

EU - ICONTROL - Interface-Control for Organic Devices

Rangger, G., Romaner, L., Hofmann, O. & Zojer, E.


Project: Research project

FWF - MATANA - Interface order in conjugated polymer thin films for organic electronics

Werzer, O., Koini, M., Haber, T., Trimmel, G., Matoy, K. & Resel, R.


Project: Research project

Two-Photon Absorption in Novel Organic Materials

Pacher, P. & Zojer, E.


Project: Research project

Parylene thin film preparation - Preparation and properties of organic thin film transistors

Pacher, P., Zojer, E., Resel, R. & Etschmaier, H.


Project: Research project

High temperature attachment for 4-circle x-ray diffractometers

Eiper, E., Sonderegger, B., Resel, R., Koini, M. & Tamas, E.

1/01/00 → …

Project: Research area

Infra Red Spectroscopy Methods

Schennach, R.

1/09/13 → …

Project: Research area

Structural studies on epitaxially grown organic films

Oehzelt, M., Plank, H., Resel, R. & Salzmann, I.


Project: Research project

Color Screen with Organic Electroluminescence

List-Kratochvil, E., Wuchse, M. & Leising, G.


Project: Research project

mikroCT Consortium Graz

Schennach, R.


Project: Research project

FWF - Analyse kryptograph Hash - Analysis of Modern Cryptographic Hash Functions

Mendel, F., Pramstaller, N., Rechberger, C., Rijmen, V. & De Cannière, C.


Project: Research project

Statistical Modeling

Stadlober, E. & Friedl, H.

1/01/90 → …

Project: Research area

CLAIRE - Ground Station

Koudelka, O. F. S., Romano, P. & Wenger, M.


Project: Research project

EMV-Maßnahmen - EMC and EMF Analysis

Schürhuber, R. & Fürnschuß, M.


Project: Research project