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FWF – GODEFC - Graphene oxide based MEAs for the direct ethanol fuel cell

Hacker, V., Wolf, S. & Cermenek, B.


Project: Research project

ARTEUS - Attack Resistance and Tolerance Enabling Universal Security

Schläffer, M., Medwed, M., Popp, T., Schmidt, J., Rijmen, V. & Aigner, M. J.


Project: Research project

POWER TRUST - Low POWer & Energy Relevant techniques Targetting Robust Universal Security in deep sub-micron Technologies

Kirschbaum, M., Medwed, M., Szekely, A., Tillich, S., Dominikus, S., Herbst, C. & Aigner, M. J.


Project: Research project

Doctoral Program: Discrete Mathematics

Ebner, O., Thomas, F., Greinecker, F., Burkard, R., Wallner, J., Elsholtz, C., Woess, W., Raseta, M., Bazarova, A., Krenn, D., Lehner, F., Kang, M., Tichy, R., Sava-Huss, E., Klinz, B., Heuberger, C., Grabner, P., Barroero, F., Cuno, J., Kreso, D. & Berkes, I.


Project: Research project

PRETTY Phase B - Passive REflecTomeTry and dosimetrY

Koudelka, O. F. S., Binder, M., Romano, P., Wenger, M., Henkel, M. & Hörmer, A. J.


Project: Research project

Computeranimation of transient electromagnetic phenomena

Preis, K.


Project: Research project

Nonlinear time-periodic phenomena in electrical engineering

Koczka, G. & Biro, O.


Project: Research project

CD-Laboratory for Multiphysical Simulation, Analysis and Design of Electrical Machines

Biro, O., Stermecki, A., Rainer, S. & Krischan, K.


Project: Research project

Oil/Paper Insulation Systems of Transformers

Lick, W. & Eberhardt, R.

1/01/95 → …

Project: Research project

Eddy currents in laminated ferromagnetic materials

Hollaus, K. & Biro, O.


Project: Research project

Rohrkühlung - Tube Cooling

Hochenauer, C., Prieler, R. J. & Scharler, R.


Project: Research project

EU - Transport Heating in Toroidal Device - Transport and Heating in Toroidal Devices (ÖAW-EURATOM)

Allmaier, K., Heyn, M., Nyemov, V., Seiwald, B., Kernbichler, W., Leitold, G., Kasilov, S. & Ivanov, I. B.


Project: Research project

Greenhouse gas balance Graz University of Technology 2017

Maier, S.


Project: Research project

ASD-COMET - Acoustic Sensing & Design (ASD-COMET FFG 836632)

Pessentheiner, H., Hagmüller, M. & Kubin, G.


Project: Research project

Crystal structure analysis using electron microscopy

1/01/02 → …

Project: Research area

Update Handbook emission factors

Hausberger, S.


Project: Research project

Computational Geotechnics

Schweiger, H. & Tschuchnigg, F.

1/01/95 → …

Project: Research area

Kinematic Geometry and Robotics

Gfrerrer, A., Röschel, O., Lang, J. & Mick, S.

1/01/95 → …

Project: Research area

ECO-RADAR - Ornithologic radar system for monitoring and classification of birds and bats

Paulitsch, H., Schreiber, H., Kammerhofer, M., Gruber, A., Pock, C. & Mukti, P. H.


Project: Research project

FIT-IT- Quantum Cryptography - Quantum Cryptography on the Chip (QCC)

Hutter, M., Posch, K., Szekely, A., Aigner, M. J., Posch, R. & Wolkerstorfer, J.


Project: Research project

FWF - IIA - Investigation of Implementation Attacks

Wenger, E., Kirschbaum, M. & Schmidt, J.


Project: Research project

Farbübertragung - Modelling Local Print Density from 2D Paper Property Maps

Feirer, V., Dauer, M., Hirn, U. & Wind, E. R.


Project: Research project

Urban Design and Energy

Cody, B.

1/01/05 → …

Project: Research area

EU - ECRYPT II - European network of excellence in cryptology - Phase II

Schmidt, J., Nad, T., Kirschbaum, M., Feldhofer, M., Schläffer, M., Aigner, M. J., Rechberger, C., Lamberger, M., Tillich, S., Medwed, M., Hutter, M., Rijmen, V., Mendel, F. & Posch, R.


Project: Research project

Rock Mass Characterization of Phyllites for Tunneling

Schubert, W. & Riedmüller, G.


Project: Research project

VoIP - Detection Faults in Concurrent Programs

Mühlenfeld, A. & Wotawa, F.


Project: Research project