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CSISmartScan - Integrated 3D scene and documentation

Fraundorfer, F.


Project: Research project

MICRO: construction technologies

Riewe, R., Oswald, F. & Wakonig-Lüking, T.

1/10/11 → …

Project: Research area

3-Dimensional Model of Paper Structure Using Image Analysis

Stark, H., Eichinger, R. & Hirn, U.


Project: Research project

VHDL - Debugging VHDL Programs (DEV)

Peischl, B. J., Köb, D. & Wotawa, F.


Project: Research project

FTG-P05 Electrical power trains - Alternatives, potentials und solutions .

Rojas Rojas, A. E., Willberger, J. & Hirschberg, W.


Project: Research project

EU - Spocs - Simple Procedures Online for Cross-border Services

Stranacher, K., Tauber, A., Rössler, T. & Posch, R.


Project: Research project


Sparowitz, L., Schlöglmann, K. H. & Freytag, B.


Project: Research area

AGriPro - Adaptive Grinding Process

Steffan, M.


Project: Research project

Industrial Marketing, Purchasing and Supply Management

Reinisch, M., Marchner, M., Zunk, B. M., Koch, V. & Weller, S.

1/01/13 → …

Project: Research area

Large Synchronous Machines

Köfler, H., Bacher, J. P. & Grabner, C.

1/01/01 → …

Project: Research area

Hydrogen-Oxygen Fired Gas Turbine

Jericha, H.


Project: Research project

Computer Aided Control System Design (CACSD)

Horn, M., Dourdoumas, N. & Hofer, A.


Project: Research project

Microstructure Modelling and Simulation

Sonderegger, B., Kozeschnik, E., Holzer, I., Sommitsch, C. & Pein, C.

1/01/02 → …

Project: Research project

The floating water bridge

Woisetschläger, J. & Pecnik, R.

1/01/06 → …

Project: Research area

Formal Methods

Lucas, P., Lorber, F. L., Jöbstl, E. & Aichernig, B.

1/01/95 → …

Project: Research area

Algebraic properties of polynomials

Nakato, S., Frisch, S., Rissner, R., Al-Maktry, A. A. A. & Finocchiaro, C. A.

1/01/12 → …

Project: Research area

Pro Bono II - Scholarships for Students

Gescheidt-Demner, G., Schmallegger, M., Stadler, E. & Eibel, A.


Project: Research project

FWF – GODEFC - Graphene oxide based MEAs for the direct ethanol fuel cell

Hacker, V., Wolf, S. & Cermenek, B.


Project: Research project

ARTEUS - Attack Resistance and Tolerance Enabling Universal Security

Schläffer, M., Medwed, M., Popp, T., Schmidt, J., Rijmen, V. & Aigner, M. J.


Project: Research project

POWER TRUST - Low POWer & Energy Relevant techniques Targetting Robust Universal Security in deep sub-micron Technologies

Kirschbaum, M., Medwed, M., Szekely, A., Tillich, S., Dominikus, S., Herbst, C. & Aigner, M. J.


Project: Research project

Doctoral Program: Discrete Mathematics

Ebner, O., Thomas, F., Greinecker, F., Burkard, R., Wallner, J., Elsholtz, C., Woess, W., Raseta, M., Bazarova, A., Krenn, D., Lehner, F., Kang, M., Tichy, R., Sava-Huss, E., Klinz, B., Heuberger, C., Grabner, P., Barroero, F., Cuno, J., Kreso, D. & Berkes, I.


Project: Research project

PRETTY Phase B - Passive REflecTomeTry and dosimetrY

Koudelka, O. F. S., Binder, M., Romano, P., Wenger, M., Henkel, M. & Hörmer, A. J.


Project: Research project