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Research on the Thermal Behaviour of Electrical Machines

Köfler, H. & Traussnigg, U.


Project: Research project

Research on the kyanite deposit of Chembi, Ethiopia

Kolmer, H.


Project: Research project

Research on Sustainable Development in Austria

Narodoslawsky, M.


Project: Research project

Research on industrial frequency converters

Ingruber, R.


Project: Research area

Research of Success factors and criterias

Haberfellner, R.

1/01/79 → …

Project: Research area

Research in Large Gas Engines - Jenbacher

Wimmer, A.

1/01/95 → …

Project: Research project

Research Engine For The Development of Hydrogen Combustion Systems

Barth, M. A., Wallner, T., Grabner, P., Kovac, K., Heindl, R., Spuller, C., Kirchweger, W., Haslacher, R., Skalla, C. & Eichlseder, H.

1/09/01 → …

Project: Research project

research cluster 'E-BioREC' (networking activity)

Metz, S., Schwinger, E. & Hasewend, B.


Project: Research project

Research Area LEC (Large Engines Competence Center)

Gufler, M., Wimmer, A., Salbrechter, S., Kirsten, M., Redtenbacher, C., Losonczi, B., Unterguggenberger, P., Pemp, B., Schlick, H., Krebs, M. & Schubert-Zallinger, C.

1/01/90 → …

Project: Research area

Research and Development Process of a Sewage Pump Manufacturer

Hermann, C.


Project: Research project

Research- and Development-Cooperation with AVL

Wimmer, A.


Project: Research project

Research about Bonding with Biodiesel

Schlag, S. W.


Project: Research project

Research_Topic_2: Sustainable Development and Optimisation of Urban Water Infrastructure

Fuchs-Hanusch, D., Kölbl, J., Vasvári, V., Theuretzbacher-Fritz, H., Steffelbauer, D., Gangl, G., Friedl, F., Schrotter, S., Kauch, E. P., Guenther, M., Scheucher, R., Krall, E., Krakow, S., Pointl, M. K., Arbesser-Rastburg, G. & Stelzl, A.

1/10/99 → …

Project: Research area

Research_Topic_1: Management of Sewage Water Systems

Vicuinik, R., Gruber, G., Kainz, H., Gerhold, H., Hochedlinger, M. & Gamerith, V.

1/10/00 → …

Project: Research area

Requirements Engineering

Felfernig, A., Speiser-Reinfrank, F., Reiterer, S. & Ninaus, G.

1/03/09 → …

Project: Research area

Reproducible production of screen printed layers

Brenn, G. & Planchette, C.


Project: Research project

Reports of the ÖAW-Intranet System

Guetl, C.


Project: Research project

Repair of Concrete Structures with Polymer-modified Self-compacting Concrete (SPC)

Altendorfer, T. & Geymayer, H.


Project: Research project

Renewable Energies in Liberalized Electricity Market

Todem, C., Bachhiesl, U. & Stigler, H.


Project: Research project

Relativistic coupled cluster for open-shell molecules

Pototschnig, J. V. & Ernst, W.


Project: Research project

Reinjektion - Geothermal energy supply (Project 838744)

Dietzel, M.


Project: Research project

Reifenkraftermittlung auf Sand

Emso, S. & Steffan, H.


Project: Research project

Rehabilitation of Bridges


Project: Research project

Regular Polyhedral Linkages

Wohlhart, K.

1/01/01 → …

Project: Research project

Regression of Virial-coefficients for Pure Gases

Huemer, H. & Eibinger, V.


Project: Research area

Regional Geological Inquiries for Popular-Scientific Natural History

Hoenig, H.


Project: Research area