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Systems Engineering - Basic Research Systems Engineering

Bajzek, M.


Project: Research project

A-SIT - Secure Information Technology Center Austria

Stranacher, K., Dominikus, S., Leitold, H., Marsalek, A., Teufl, P., Bauer, W., Aigner, M. J., Rössler, T., Neuherz, E., Dietrich, K., Zefferer, T., Mangard, S., Payer, U., Orthacker, C., Lipp, P., Reiter, A., Knall, T., Bratko, H., Bonato, M., Suzic, B., Zwattendorfer, B., Kreuzhuber, S., Oswald, M. E., Tauber, A., Posch, R., Bratko, D., Feichtner, J., Ivkovic, M., Reimair, F., Wolkerstorfer, J. & Scheibelhofer, K.


Project: Research area

Insulation Coordination

Muhr, H. M. & Pack, S.

1/01/95 → …

Project: Research area

Solar Energy and Low Energy Buildings

Eiper, T., Heimrath, R., Heinz, A., Haller, M., Mach, T. & Schranzhofer, H.


Project: Research area

Lightning and Lightning Protection

Pack, S.

1/01/95 → …

Project: Research area

CSISmartScan - Integrated 3D scene and documentation

Fraundorfer, F.


Project: Research project

EHK-NIRS - Systemic influence on characteristic hemodynamic responses measured with NIRS

Scharfetter, H., Bauernfeind, G. & Neuper, C.


Project: Research project

Modelling of Heat Transfer

Brenn, G. & Steiner, H.

1/10/99 → …

Project: Research project

HECTOR - Hardware enable crypto and randomness

Korak, T., Mangard, S. & Mendel, F.


Project: Research project

HoloMine - Mixed Reality in Mining

Fraundorfer, F.


Project: Research project

Cryogenic Insulation Systems

Sumereder, C.


Project: Research area

Boundary Element Methods

Nenning, M. J., Messner, M., Kielhorn, L. & Schanz, M.

1/03/90 → …

Project: Research area

Stabilization of Slopes and Landslides

Marte, R. & Ausweger, G. M.

1/01/93 → …

Project: Research area

UHPFRC Ultra High Performance Concrete

Heidrich, J., Fülöp, U., Escobar Castillo, M. N., Freytag, B., Reichel, M. M., Linder, J. & Sparowitz, L.


Project: Research area

Rock Mass Characterization of Phyllites for Tunneling

Schubert, W. & Riedmüller, G.


Project: Research project

Overvoltages and Overvoltage Protection

Pack, S. & Judendorfer, T.

1/01/95 → …

Project: Research area

CD-Laboratory for Materials Modelling and Simulation

Friedl, T., Hadzic, S., Timoshenkov, A., Herbitschek, L., Kuduzovic, A., Penker, H., Krumphals, F., Krumphals, A. & Sommitsch, C.


Project: Research project

KW50plus (enhance power stations efficiency to more than 50 percent)

Beal, C., Plesiutschnig, E., Sonderegger, B., Schuler, M., Ramskogler, C. & Enzinger, N.


Project: Research project

Digital Signature Initiative

Lipp, P., Posch, R. & Sterbenz, A.


Project: Research project

EU - SMEPP - Secure Middleware for embedded Peer-to-Peer Systems

Tillich, S., Wolkerstorfer, J., Payer, U., Kraxberger, S. & Aigner, M. J.


Project: Research project

Styrian School Network STSnet

Leitold, H. & Posch, R.


Project: Research project

Interfacial Phenomena in Suspensions

Machu, G., Meile, W., Schaflinger, U. & Nitsche, L.


Project: Research project

Hydraulic Model Tests

Hammer, A., Knoblauch, H., Zenz, G. & Schneider, J.


Project: Research area

Quantitave three dimensional analysis of alloys

Leisch, M.


Project: Research project