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Rohrkühlung - Tube Cooling

Hochenauer, C., Prieler, R. J. & Scharler, R.


Project: Research project

Zink-Luft-Akku - New materials for the electrically rechargeable zinc-air battery

Movrin, D., Hacker, V., Wallnöfer-Ogris, E., Tschische, J. F., Rabenstein, G., Weinberger, S., Gebetsroither, F., Taucher-Mautner, W., Treffer, D. F., Wede, F. B., Schutting, S. & Fröhlich, K.


Project: Research project

HF16-061_Assessment of the application of electric heating components in the window reveal area

Fuchs, G., Ferk, H., Rüdisser, D., Wessely, B. & Majdanac, E.


Project: Research project

Spatial Information Systems

Bartelme, N.

1/01/95 → …

Project: Research area

Aktiver Wissenstransfer - Active Knowledge Transfer Graz

Adametz, C.


Project: Research project

Wireless Broadband Networking

Birnbacher, U., Kogler, W., Schrotter, P., Gappmair, W. & Koudelka, O. F. S.

1/04/02 → …

Project: Research area

Fraktal BLS - Fractal Analysis for BLS

Landgraf, M., Neuhold, J., Enzi, M. & Vidovic, I.


Project: Research project

Tin-119 and Silicon-29 NMR Spectroscopy

Uhlig, F., Sykora, J. & Fischer, R.

1/01/03 → …

Project: Research area

Java Security

Dietrich, K., Lanz, K., Bratko, H. & Scheibelhofer, K.


Project: Research area

Virtual Product Development

Prenner, M., Bressnig, P., Podlipnig, K., Rossbacher, P., Hirz, M., Stadler, S., Wutte, C., Salchner, M. & Viana Alvarez, I.

1/01/08 → …

Project: Research area

Analytical Electron Microscopy

Schaffer, B., Hofer, F., Rogers, M., Mitterbauer, C. & Wewerka, K.


Project: Research area

Biomedical signal processing and EEG analysis

Schlögl, A.


Project: Research area

KombiMo II - Mobility hubs in the city of Graz

Fellendorf, M., Rainer, E., Fabian, J. & Kohla, B.


Project: Research project

FWF- Free volumes in nanocrystalline bulk metals

Oberdorfer, B., Puff, W., Sprengel, W. & Würschum, R.


Project: Research project

BET - BioEnergyTrain

Bauer, W., Narodoslawsky, M. & Hasewend, B.


Project: Research project

Verbindungsbahn - Attracting the connecting line


Project: Research project

Flex-Fuel-Reformer - Flex-Fuel Reformer for Fuel Cell Systems

Strasser, R., Nestl, S., Marius, B., Lammer, M., Gehrer, C., Malli, K., Wegleiter, M. & Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

Battery materials: Structure and charging processes

Klinser, G. & Würschum, R.

1/01/13 → …

Project: Research project

FTG-P36 IAFA - AP2220 Integration and Validation of Driver Assistance- and semi-/automated driving functions

Samiee, S., Eichberger, A., Bernsteiner, S., Rogic, B. & Semmer, M.


Project: Research project