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Vehicle Dynamics

Koglbauer, I. V., Lex, C., Shao, L., Semmer, M., Rogic, B., Peer, M., Hackl, A., Sternat, A. S., Schabauer, M., Samiee, S., Eichberger, A., Ager, M., Malić, D., Wohlfahrter, H., Scherndl, C. & Magosi, Z. F.

1/01/11 → …

Project: Research area

CONSTRUCT - Construction site monitoring and change detection using UAVs

Hoppe, C., Zollmann, S. & Bischof, H.


Project: Research project

Austrian Masterplan HR Renewable Energies

Hasewend, B. & Schwinger, E.


Project: Research project

Virtual Reality

Schreck, T., Settgast, V. & Augsdörfer, U.

1/02/11 → …

Project: Research area

ELARYNX - Speaking Aid for Laryngectomized People

Hagmüller, M., Fuchs, A. K. & Kubin, G.


Project: Research project

IntelliReq - Intelligent Recommendation Technologies for Requirements Engineering

Ninaus, G., Isak, K., Felfernig, A. & Grabner, H.


Project: Research project

KLIEN-EDRC - European Demand Response Center

Stigler, H.


Project: Research project

Shopbeleuchtung - Studie zur Beurteilung der Wirkung unterschiedlicher Shopbeleuchtung auf den Menschen

Frank, I., Reisinger, M., Schulz, B. & Gerhäusser, C. M.


Project: Research project

RiSE - Rigorous Systems Engineering

Könighofer, R., Khalimov, A., Bloem, R., Könighofer, B. & Jacobs, S.


Project: Research project

Hilti - Augmented Reality Measurement Tools for Construction Workers

Veas, E. E. & Reitmayr, G.


Project: Research project

AUGUR - Augmented Reality Measurement Tools for Construction Workers

Nguyen, T. Q. & Reitmayr, G.


Project: Research project

METASEC - Mobile Energy-efficient Trustworthy Authentication Systems with Elliptic Curve based SECurity

Steger, C., Druml, N., Menghin, M. & Basagic, R.


Project: Research project

CoCoon - Codesign for Countermeasures against Malicious Applications on Java Cards

Berlach, R., Steger, C., Lackner, M. & Irauschek, M.


Project: Research project

HF11-037_I live Graz - smart people create their smart city

Hauer, E., Lechner, A., Maydl, P., Wall, J., Löschnig, W., Narodoslawsky, M., Ferk, H., Mach, T., Hofbauer, C., Hasewend, B., Krall, E., Passer, A., Wakonig-Lüking, T., Eichberger, A., Fellendorf, M., Breitwieser, H., Bogensberger, M., Fallast, K., Gruber, G., Cody, B., Trajanoska, B., Fuchs-Hanusch, D., Fickert, L., Pluta-Fürst, A., Schnitzer, H. & Rainer, E.


Project: Research project

IEA AFC 2011-2014 - Austrian participation on the Implementing Agreement on Advanced Fuel Cells

Gehrer, C., Hofer, A. & Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

FTG-S08 Aufbau eines Fixed-Platform/Fixed-Screen Fahrsimulators

Rojas Rojas, A. E. & Eichberger, A.

1/05/11 → …

Project: Research project

FWF - Audit 4 SOAs - Augmented Diagnosis and Testing for SOAs - Audit 4 SOAs

Pill, I. H. & Wotawa, F.


Project: Research project

EVA - Elektronikvernetzung im Automobil

Dohr, M. & Eichberger, B.


Project: Research project

VIF-MiBat A04_T02 - MiBatt

Ellersdorfer, C.


Project: Research project

COPOEN - eseia Co-operative Practice Oriented Education Network

Narodoslawsky, M., Schwinger, E., Metz, S., Nix, E. L. & Hasewend, B.


Project: Research project

FTG-P21 VDC-DAS Vehicle Dynamics control-Driver Assistance Systems

Bernsteiner, S., Hirschberg, W. & Eichberger, A.


Project: Research project