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Optical Feeder Links - Feasibility Assessment of Optical Technologies & Techniques for Reliable High Capacity Feeder Links

Brandl, P., Iqbal, F., Khan, M. S., Nadeem, F., Saleem Awan, M., Plank, T., Pezzei, P. & Leitgeb, E.


Project: Research project

SatNEx II - Satellite Communications Network of Excellence (Phase 2)

Kogler, W., Schrotter, P., Romano, P., Flohberger, M., Trieb, M., Gappmair, W., Leitgeb, E. & Koudelka, O. F. S.


Project: Research project

Infrastructure for the noninvasive multimodal recording of biological signals for feedback applications

Kaiser, V., Solis Escalante, T., Müller-Putz, G., Bauernfeind, G. & Neuper, C.


Project: Research project

Aerodynamik von Kraftfahrzeuge - Automobile Aerodynamics

Brenn, G., Hörmann, T. & Meile, W.


Project: Research project

Digitalisierte Papierstruktur - Digitized Paper Structure

Derflinger, C., Donoser, M., Hirn, U., Kritzinger, J., Wiltsche, M. & Bauer, W.


Project: Research project

Microstructure Modelling and Simulation

Krumphals, F., Sonderegger, B., Candic, M., Krumphals, A., Pein, C., Sommitsch, C., Sherstnev, P. & Pschera, R. O.

1/01/02 → …

Project: Research area

A3 FALCON - Advanced 3D Fuel cell AnaLysis and CONdition diagnostics

Karpenko-Jereb, L., Gebetsroither, F., Weinberger, S. & Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

IRM - Infrastructure Rehabilitation Management

Friedl, F., Kainz, H., Fuchs-Hanusch, D. & Riedrich, T.


Project: Research project

Functional Nanostructures

Dohr, J. & Plank, H.

1/01/09 → …

Project: Research project

High-Voltage Apparatus and Systems

Muhr, H. M.

1/01/95 → …

Project: Research area

Design of Pipe Roof Support System

Volkmann, G. & Schubert, W.

1/01/02 → …

Project: Research project

CD-Laboratory for Surface Chemical and Physical Fundamentals Of Paper Strength

Hirn, U., Bauer, W., Suppan, L., Miletzky, F. A., Diebald, S., Fischer, W. J., Gilli, E., Schennach, E., Lahti, J. A., Weber, F. & Schennach, R.


Project: Research project


Muresanu, C., Kropik, E. M., Landgraf, S. & Grampp, G.

1/01/02 → …

Project: Research area

Dynamical Satellite Geodesy

1/01/95 → …

Project: Research area

Structural Health Monitoring

Lienhart, W. & Woschitz, H.

1/01/98 → …

Project: Research area

Paper structure and printability

Dauer, M., Feirer, V., Wind, E. R., Hirn, U., Kritzinger, J. & Bauer, W.

1/01/04 → …

Project: Research area

Molecular Magnetic Materials

Mautner, F.


Project: Research project

LEDKom-F (FSO with LED's)

Pezzei, P., Pock, C., Gebhart, M., Leitgeb, E. & Unterhuber, P.


Project: Research project

Reproducible production of screen printed layers

Brenn, G. & Planchette, C.


Project: Research project

Acquisition and Data Reduction of EELS-Spectrum-Images

Windisch, G., Hofer, F., Kothleitner, G. & Schaffer, B.

1/12/99 → …

Project: Research project

FWF - Funktionalisiert organ. - Functionalised organic films

Frank, P., Schennach, R. & Winkler, A.


Project: Research project

Novel Photovoltaic Modules Based on Nanocomposite Solar Cells

Bartl, K., Rath, T., Bohnemann, K., Stelzer, F., Trimmel, G. & Maier, E.

1/04/08 → …

Project: Research project

Crystal structure analysis using electron microscopy

1/01/02 → …

Project: Research area

Flex-Fuel-Reformer - Flex-Fuel Reformer for Fuel Cell Systems

Strasser, R., Nestl, S., Marius, B., Lammer, M., Gehrer, C., Malli, K., Wegleiter, M. & Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

Publications (Positioning and Navigation)

Kienast, G.


Project: Research project

CD-Laboratory for Advanced Functional Materials

Blümel, A., Psutka, S., Klug, A., Fisslthaler, E., Mauthner, G., Sax, S., Plank, H., Gamerith, S., Werzer, O., Piok, T., Gaal, M., Gadermaier, C., Seppi, C., List-Kratochvil, E. & Scheiber, H.


Project: Research project

Joining Technology

Tasic, P., Saberi, S., Figner, G., Maalekian, M., Vallant, R., Hütter, A., Galler, M., Enzinger, N., Rahman, M. M., Weinberger, T. & Sommitsch, C.

1/06/05 → …

Project: Research area

Wireless Communications

Dizdarevic, V., Tampubolon Baringbing, J. W., Arnitz, D., Gigl, T., Meissner, P., Alemseged Demessie, Y., Witrisal, K., Krall, C. & Geiger, B.

1/07/03 → …

Project: Research area

Optical Metrology and Optical Diagnostics for Flow and Vibration Analysis

Neger, T., Lang, H., Brenn, G., Woisetschläger, J., Mayrhofer, N., Hipp, M., Göttlich, E. & Hampel, B.


Project: Research area

GOCE (HPF) - High-level Processing Facility (HPF)


Project: Research project

E-Learning, MML

Fickert, L., Abart, A. & Schmautzer, E.


Project: Research project

Education of Physics Teachers

Pottlacher, G.

1/01/95 → …

Project: Research area

Substituent Influences on Electronic Properties of Polysilanes

Grogger-Jammegg, C., Stüger, H., Braunwarth, M. & Mitterfellner, T.

1/02/97 → …

Project: Research area

Upper Atmosphere Research

Friedrich, M. & Valavanoglou, N.

1/11/69 → …

Project: Research area

Lorenz-Zahl - B2: Lorenz-number and thermal diffusivity of high-alloyed steels

Reschab, H. C. & Pottlacher, G.


Project: Research project

Boundary Element Methods

Nenning, M. J., Messner, M., Kielhorn, L. & Schanz, M.

1/03/90 → …

Project: Research area