15_005l SimGroan - Simulation on Creep Groan Noise Investigation of excitation mechanism for FEM simulation using experimental data

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Systematic investigation of the low frequency creep groan noise using experiments on the brake and suspension test-rig at FTG
Determination of influencing parameter: temperature, humidity, brake pressure, stiffness of suspension parts (wheel carrier, caliper), brake pad material, rubber bearing,
FEM simulation / investigation of excitation mechanisms
Investigation of model and solution parameters for CEA (damping, contact stiffness, )
Comparison of solution methods for transient analysis: (complex modal base, direct frequ. domain, implicit & explicit time domain integration .)
Examination of explicit time domain integration for application to stick-slip effects
Preparation of simulation method and excitation data
Effective start/end date1/04/1530/03/18
  • FSI Scholarship

    Pürscher, M. (Recipient), 22 Oct 2018

    Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively