Research output per year

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FWF – GODEFC - Graphene oxide based MEAs for the direct ethanol fuel cell

Hacker, V., Wolf, S. & Cermenek, B.


Project: Research project

Precious metal free electrocatalysts for regenerative alkaline fuel cells

Hacker, V., Cermenek, B., Kocher, K., Malli, K., Grandi, M. & Stark, A. C.


Project: Research project

Advanced Materials Science

Hacker, V., Lux, S. & Siebenhofer, M.

1/02/10 → …

Project: Research area

Fuel cell systems

Gebetsroither, F., Gehrer, C., Strasser, R., Voitic, G., Nestl, S. & Hacker, V.

1/01/01 → …

Project: Research area

P3Power - Plug&Play Storage of Photovoltaic Power

Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

REFKAT - Catalyst characterisation

Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

HyStORM - Hydrogen Storage via Oxidation and Reduction of Metals

Hacker, V., Malli, K., Zacharias, R. & Bock, S.


Project: Research project

IEA AFC Annex 34 - Implementing Agreement " Advanced Fuel Cells" Annex 34: Fuel cells for portable applications 2014-2017

Gehrer, C., Hacker, V., Cermenek, B., Grimmer, C. & Friedrich, T.


Project: Research project

ASYSII - SOFC APU System Development II

Hacker, V. & Hochenauer, C.


Project: Research project

PEM REX S - PEM Range Extender System

Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

Rezyklierung - Electrochemical recycling of borat

Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

Wasserstoffspeicher - Ionic liquids for hydrogen storage systems

Grimmer, C., Friedrich, T., Grandi, M., Hacker, V. & Senn, J.


Project: Research project

A3 FALCON - Advanced 3D Fuel cell AnaLysis and CONdition diagnostics

Karpenko-Jereb, L., Gebetsroither, F., Weinberger, S. & Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

Flex-Fuel-Reformer - Flex-Fuel Reformer for Fuel Cell Systems

Strasser, R., Nestl, S., Marius, B., Lammer, M., Gehrer, C., Malli, K., Wegleiter, M. & Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

LISAE - Li-Ion Battery Safety in Automotive Environment

Voitic, G. & Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

IEA AFC 2011-2014 - Austrian participation on the Implementing Agreement on Advanced Fuel Cells

Gehrer, C., Hofer, A. & Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

GreenCell - Neue Materialien für die Hochleistungs-Direkt-Ethanol-Brennstoffzelle

Hofer, A., Gehrer, C., Noll, H., Bodner, M. & Hacker, V.


Project: Research project

Algenwasserstoff - Algen H2: Herstellung von Wasserstoff durch Algenkultivierung

Rabenstein, G., Winkler, T., Hacker, V. & Voitic, G.


Project: Research project

KEEPEMALIVE - Knowledge to Enhance the Endurance of PEM fuel cells by Accelerated LIfetime Verification Experiments

Geymayer, M., Hofer, A., Winkler, T., Hacker, V., Wede, F. B., Mayrhuber, I., Plörer, D. & Marterer, D.


Project: Research project

Zink-Luft-Akku - New materials for the electrically rechargeable zinc-air battery

Movrin, D., Hacker, V., Wallnöfer-Ogris, E., Tschische, J. F., Rabenstein, G., Weinberger, S., Gebetsroither, F., Taucher-Mautner, W., Treffer, D. F., Wede, F. B., Schutting, S. & Fröhlich, K.


Project: Research project

THDA Advanced: Advanced New Fuel Cell Monitoring Technologies

Perchthaler, M., Hacker, V. & Brandstätter, H.


Project: Research project